Keeping IT costs under control can seem like a complicated task, especially if you don’t have a technical background. But, it really isn’t that hard once you get a good grasp on the basic concepts. The internet is bountiful with great tips all the way from huge corporate companies to small business owners. We decided to come up with some easy tips of our own, since we actively run as the IT department for many organizations.

IT is often one of a company’s biggest costs – and it can be hard to work out where you can cut. Here are seven easy ways to reduce expenses and make your IT department more efficient.

1. Do you have too many servers? Look to see if you can consolidate servers. Server virtualization – which splits one physical server into multiple virtual servers – can help you achieve the same results with less physical hardware.

2. Are you paying too much for phone service? If you still have separate “landline” service to your office, consider switching to a cheaper Voice Over Internet protocol or IP telephony. You can often do so without changing any numbers.

3. Shop around. Let your people look at new vendors for products you already use and introduce some competition. Sometimes, threatening to switch can get you a better deal.

4. Flatten your IT structure. Give IT managers more responsibility and thus save the time of higher-paid executives. Virtual teams can also help make things more efficient.

5. Review service contracts. You may realize you have contracts you do not need or are paying far more than necessary. As with products, you may be able to get a discount by price comparing and talking about switching.

6. Do you have unnecessary software licenses? Do an audit to make sure you are only paying for licenses you actually need and use.

7. Use a managed service provider. A provider such as Techmedics can allow you to outsource network monitoring, especially if your network is small enough that it does not need a full time person, handle preventive maintenance and install all of your patches and updates. You may find you don’t really need that IT department at all.

Regardless of the size of your company there are always things you can do to reduce IT costs and improve efficiency. Be sure to contact us if you would be interested in learning just where you can cut costs for your organization.

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