Our Team

James Moon


"I remember how excited I was to get my first computer, an Apple IIe. It was 1983, the beginning of the personal computer revolution. As technology advanced, so did my interest in computers. I upgraded to Macintosh then IBM. Shortly after college, at my first full time job, I was assigned the responsibility of connecting two computers to share data. There I setup my first network. That was also the beginning of my IT career. By then personal computers had become mainstream business tools. In 1996, I began working for Pacific Enterprises/Sempra Energy as a Network Administrator. Over my years at Sempra Energy, my responsibilities extended to leading enterprise projects in addition to managing day to day support. In 2000, I left Sempra to focus on Techmedics full time. The past 10+ years at Techmedics has been a very fulfilling experience utilizing all the knowledge and experience I had garnered throughout my IT career."

Education: University of Southern California
Certifications: Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Symantec, BICSI

Helen Kim

"Growing up in the 80’s it was impossible to escape the excitement generated by the personal computer in the new Information Age. By college, technology had advanced to new heights – Windows 95, email, and the Internet. Thankfully I made use of these wonderful new technologies because these skills helped me to land a job in the red hot tech field after graduation. I began my career at Investor’s Business Daily in 1997 working in the Computer Operations Center. After gleaning as much information as possible in the operations side of IT, I decided to pursue the support route with a change in employment to Sempra Energy. At Sempra, I supported the network, servers, and computers for the Legal Department and Public Relations. Additional responsibilities included participation in projects. Y2K, network and server consolidation, and desktop standardization and stabilization projects were a few of the major undertakings. In 1999, I co-founded Techmedics with a former colleague from Sempra Energy. Initially, I worked part time with Techmedics mostly nights and weekends. In 2000, I took an offer with Nestle USA to become the technical liaison for the Nutrition Division. I was tasked to learn and understand the business practices for the division and roll out new Sales Automation Software and Customer Service Database. Our workload at Techmedics was increasing and I finally decided to join the company on a full time basis in 2001."

Education: University of California, Riverside
Certifications: Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec