Warehouse & Distribution


Global Phoenix is a global electronics manufacturer with warehouse and distribution facilities in New York, Florida, California, United Kingdom and China. WIth thousands of merchandises from China getting sold all over the world, they rely on their warehouses to quickly fulfill each order for its wholesalers and retailers. With the growth of the global market and increase in demand for China made products, they are looking to expand into every continent.


  • Using a single ERP solution for the enterprise.
  • Standardizing programs throughout the company.
  • Centrally manage physical security and ability to get realtime view of each warehouse.
  • Remotely manage and troubleshoot each resource.


Starting with one small warehouse out of Ithaca, New York, Global Phoenix has grown to an International powerhouse with multiple offices and distribution warehouses all over the world.

As the company grew, the need came to centrally manage all of the warehouses despite their geographical location or language barrier. Our initial engagement was to bring up a new warehouse in California. Once that was completed, Techmedics provided consultation to unify their disparate networks and have them centrally manageable from the New York headquarters.


With warehouses and distribution facilities around the world, we designed a WAN infrastructure that can be centrally managed at the headquarters yet be able to provide all of the necessary resources to the hundreds of endusers in their respective countries with minimal computing requirements.

Starting with bandwidth, we increased the throughput of each connection of the offices to accommodate the transfer of information between them. Incorporating the latest Cisco ASA Firewalls, we connected each office to seamlessly act as one network. To optimize the network traffic, VLANs were created to separate the data, voice, IP surveillance and device traffic with QoS set for certain services most critical to the owners and users of the company.

Industrial strength access points from Cisco Aironet® Series were setup for maximum Wi-Fi coverage in each of the warehouses for their handheld scanners and devices.

Older digital cameras were replaced with Axis® High Definition (HD) 720p and 1080p IP Surveillance cameras and were setup to get the most real time visibility into the warehouses. For constant recording, an old DVR was replaced with a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with QNAP NAS to store high definition recordings of the cameras. For physical security, we setup Axis® Door Controllers to remotely add and modify user’s access to secured areas of each warehouse.

We migrated the servers off of the Microsoft Windows Server 2003® and 2008® server platforms on a VMWare hypervisor to a more robust Microsoft Server 2012R2® server with Hyper-V. To get the most out of the desktop experience, remote users were upgraded from the Terminal Server platform to Microsoft RDS Services with RD Session Host and Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) for the desktop, RD Web Access for corporate applications and RD Gateway for VPN free connections to the desktop. RemoteApp was also implemented for certain applications for security and ease of use.

For voice, we have adopted and integrated Avaya’s IP Office® at the headquarters as well as remote offices and warehouses. With VoIP phone system, they get unlimited office to office calling with extension dialing features to facilitate communications. They can also transfer and have 3 way conference calls from their call center to the remote warehouses without skipping a beat.


The overall result is a complex multi-warehouse network that works seamlessly as one without any geographical restrictions or limitations to the end-user’s ability to work anywhere, anytime. We have increased employee productivity and ease of use by leveraging the latest technologies from all of our partners and continually support our clients via 24x7 Helpdesk and Managed Services. Global Phoenix is a CompleteCare™ managed services client.