PathMD is a CAP certified pathology laboratory that utilizes state of the art advanced technology and combined expertise of board certified pathologists to deliver pathology results to hundreds of medical offices and hospitals in the Southern California and Southwest US areas. Committed to providing the highest level of services, they are one of few Thermo Scientific signature laboratories in the nation. With affiliations to Cedars Sinai, and Omni Pathology, doctors rely on their comprehensive pathology services to provide the most accurate and timely results for their patients.

Techmedics keeps us up to date with technology, and we are leagues ahead of our competition. We like to maintain that edge, and with Techmedics we are very able to do just that. Response time is fantastic, and the entire crew is knowledgeable and always attentive. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. They are stellar."


  • Communications across multiple offices and integration with their business partners.
  • 24x7x365 support for their Laboratory Information System (LIS).
  • Multiple endusers sharing the same system.
  • HIPAA and CAP Certification Compliance.
  • Vendor management for Line of Business Applications and industry specialized hardware.
  • Cyber Security management.


The client engaged Techmedics to become an extension of their company as their IT department and oversee, manage, and provide ongoing support for all IT resources.


In the beginning, Techmedics was consulted and contracted to build out the infrastructure for a new pathology lab startup. With the backing of well-known industry investors, our client set out to build the most high tech and modern facility in the nation. The requirement was to build an infrastructure that had the scalability to grow rapidly with the addition of future laboratories and have the ability to integrate new business partners quickly. While a solid flexible infrastructure was integral to their plans, protection of patient information and business processes was just as important while adhering to HIPAA and CAP certification guidelines. The last piece was to stay within a startup business budget.

To stay within budget and provide a cutting edge end-to-end Unified Threat Management (UTM) security solutions, next generation Sophos® XG Firewalls were implemented. With the XG series firewalls, we are able to maintain granular protection all the way down to the desktop when integrated with the Sophos® endpoint protection.

Due to the need for integration with industry equipment, a datacenter was built out on premise with Dell R700 Series Rack Mounted servers running Microsoft Server 2012R2® Server. As the business grew and the list of Line of Business applications increased, Hyper-V® hypervisor technology was enabled to accommodate the growing number of servers without adding additional hardware.

With business partners growing and the need to share data and resources became necessary, we enabled secured web folders allowing seamless collaboration. To share applications across the offices and accommodate remote users, Remote Desktop Services (RDS) along with the Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) feature has been an essential technology for this client.

For Line of Business Applications and industry specific hardware, we have worked with industry focused vendors PsycheSystems® Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and Thermo Scientific to ensure that industry focused applications are compatible and fine-tuned for the infrastructure.

For Unified Communications, we have deployed Cisco Call Manager and Unity as the foundation for their phone system. For other collaboration features such as Instant Messaging, Screen and Document sharing, Whiteboarding, Point to Point video and Video Conferencing, we have integrated Microsoft Office 365® Skype for Business®. In addition to the personal communications, we’ve increased team and company wide collaboration by introducing Microsoft Sharepoint® which allows the users to centralize their documents and provide consistent inter-office communication and collaboration.


The overall result is a highly scalable infrastructure that was designed to grow quickly without ripping and replacing hardware. The technology foundation allows our client to grow the business at a rapid pace and add on new business partners who need to share data and resources while adhering to industry compliance requirements. PathMD is a CompleteCare™ managed services client.