Cyber Security Strategies 2017 off to an amazing start!


Go back to your office; go back to work and tell your boss or
your IT guy that you feel vulnerable.

- James Moon, CEO Techmedics

Events | May 18, 2017

If you joined us for our first annual cyber security event, Cyber Security Strategies 2017, you’ll recall James emphasizing the importance of strategizing to fight against cyber security threats during the presentation. We gathered Thursday evening, May 18, 2017, with business owners and IT professionals to discuss the current threat landscape and our best practices for securing a business network.

As experienced professionals in IT Consulting since 1999, security continues to be the backbone of all the work we do; prioritizing security comes with the territory.

It just so happens that the timing was perfect for this discussion; WannaCry Ransomware hit just days prior, making headlines for weeks to come.

With participation from our vendors of choice, Sophos, Cisco, and Datto, we discussed different solutions that could safeguard various networks from a possible breach.

We enjoyed American Barbeque for dinner, an open bar with specialty cocktails, and generous prizes for our guests. This was the first of many cyber security events we will be hosting. We look forward to seeing you at the next one.

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Vendor Partners

  • Cisco
  • Datto
  • Sophos

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