MegaPath Case Study

The Solution

  • Nation's largest EoC network now reaches millions of businesses with symmetrical speeds up to 45 Mbps
  • National calling plan features fixed price for unlimited connections

The Result

  • Customers saving 50 percent on bandwidth costs with the EoC rollout
  • MegaPath EoC allows for bundling of lines to create fastest communications anywhere
  • Unlimited national calls for one affordable price helps Techmedics' clients as they expand

Setting a Standard

Techmedics always seeks to standardize solutions, to get top-quality, manageable communications at a competitive price. Over the years, it has transitioned from SDSL to T1 and, now, EoC. "Our clients are law offices, healthcare businesses and architecture firms," Moon says. "They have many remote users in the field. They need fast upload speeds in addition to downloading capabilities. MegaPath offers the kind of bandwidth they're looking for."

Growth Plan

Manyof Techmedics'customers are growing from small businesses to midsized. In addition to high-speed bandwidth, they require a phone payment plan that doesn't put them "on the meter." Thanks to fixed pricing from MegaPath, they can make as many domestic calls as they like at a consistent, affordable cost. "All phone communications are bundled through MegaPath," Moon says. "If we encounter any issues, their staff can eliminate them far, far faster than any other provider we've worked with."

Quick Turnover

Installation time is cut in half – or more. Jobs that once took a month are now taking two weeks, and sometimes just one. "It's a very straightforward process," Moon says. "MegaPath engineers work very closely with me and my customers to make sure all deadlines are met."