Physical Security

Physical security should offer scalable solutions for any business model, from surveillance on any size scale to access control systems that secure your physical environment. We'll take the headache out of choosing the right surveillance system for your business.

Choosing from the vast amount of surveillance systems available on the market today can be overwhelming. As with many of your technology needs, Techmedics can assist you with this task. Partnering with trusted leaders Axis Communications and HID, our solutions adapt to your changing needs.

With smart solutions, you can secure and develop your business - both now and in the future.


End-to-end surveillance and security for small systems
Let us help you keep your business protected with a cost-effective, easy to use solution.

Our basic end-to-end security solution is designed to keep your business safe, and give you extra peace of mind. Our solution includes:

  • Cameras
  • Recording solutions
  • Video management software
  • Mobile Apps


Active security for your mid-size business with complete, end-to-end security and surveillance.

Our solutions are collaborative, scalable, and customizable to work with your existing network, routers, screens, computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Designed to work perfectly for schools, retail, manufacturing sites or any other mid-size installations, protect your mid-size business with our partners at AXIS Communications.


Take security to the next level with an advanced security and surveillance solution.

Let us set you up with video management and security solutions for any industry or application, with the help of purpose built software from the largest partner program in the industry.

We can assure you that you will find the perfect high-quality video security solution that will meet your requirements.

Upgrade your system to include

  • Identification and entry
  • Access control
  • Analytics and other applications
  • Audio


With video surveillance in the cloud, secure your premises in an even easier way.

Our partners can provide you with a complete, hosted video solution as a service. Our hosted video solution does not require a server or recording equipment on site- all you need is a camera and an internet connection. Ideal for small businesses on a budget, mobile viewing apps allow you to easily access your sites even on the go.

Security Identity Solutions - Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Downey

Security Identity Solutions

Transform your facility environment with the ability to safeguard people, property, and assets

Our partners at HID global are the world leaders in access control systems for secure physical access, network login, and safeguarding assets.

Trusted solutions for

  • Providing a safe environment for employees, visitors, and contractors
  • Identifying who is in your building
  • Controlling access to highly secure areas

Our Difference

With our partners, we don’t just follow the market- we lead it.

Gain complete control over your surveillance and security, and be able to access it from anywhere. With Techmedics as you partner, we will consult with you and go over all options for the best practices when it comes to your business.

For more information about our Physical Security Solutions, contact us online or call us at 877-832-4611.