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We help business owners and organization leaders strategically manage and plan their business technology using a proactive methodology called Managed IT Services.

Techmedics is a team of certified and experienced IT engineers, here to assist you.

Scale your business with Managed IT Services

It's a combination of monitoring, troubleshooting, planning, and implementing new technologies and solutions that can help your business. We call it Managed IT Services and we've used this approach with a wide variety of businesses and organizations for over 21 years.

From small businesses with 10 or more systems, to distribution warehouses with hundreds of employees. We know this approach works and our engineers have consulted for over 400+ of the biggest brands in the world, including Kraft Foods, Cesar Chavez Foundation, and The Jim Henson Company.

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Managed IT Services

Monitoring & Alerting

We will proactively monitor your network 24/7 x 365 and remotely address potential points of failure before they become critical. Automatic alerts guarantee a rapid response time.


A single place to report your issues and service requests, providing a systematic approach to managing IT. Each request generates a ticket, creating a historical log of all known issues and helping to prevent the same issues from constantly occurring.


Across multiple industries there is mandatory compliance when it comes to data and security. This includes PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, and others. We can help you report on compliance and meet those requirements.


You will receive a comprehensive report that is detailed monthly. This helps to simplify capacity management, plan for upgrades, and justify technology investments.

Virtual CTO (vCTO)

Flexible on-demand Virtual Chief Technology Officer for small businesses and mid-size enterprise who need technical expertise but are not able to commit to a full-time CTO.

Business Technology

Some IT concerns don't involve day-to-day break-fix problems. Our business technology services include services like e-recycling penetration testing, cybersecurity assessments, and more.

From Project Management to Cloud Migration, People Love How We Deliver

Having Techmedics as our MSP makes a huge difference...

"The IT support industry can be challenging with long hours, critical thinking, and working around the clock. Having Techmedics as our MSP makes a huge difference in our everyday ability to have great outcomes for complex problems using their advanced level of skills and knowledge."

Mirko M. | Manufacturing & Distribution
There service is high-quality, responsive, timely and expert.

Techmedics has provided CourtCall with high-level network engineering and Windows server support for the last six years. Their service is high-quality, responsive, timely and expert. Highly recommended as a Managed Service Provider.

David P. | Telecommunications

Techmedics keeps us up-to-date with technology...

"Techmedics keeps us up to date with technology, and we are leagues ahead of our competition. We like to maintain that edge, and with James and his staff we are very able to do just that. Response time is fantastic, and the entire crew is knowledgeable and always attentive. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. They are stellar."

David C. | Pathology Lab
Their staff is courteous and professional...

"I've used Techmedics at my facility for years. They're able to resolve issues cleanly and quickly without getting in the staff's way."

John L. | Apparel & Distribution

The team is amazing...

"Our intricate network is up and running smoothly and we could not be more impressed. Their customer service is fantastic! I highly recommend them."

Carin O. | Coworking Space
We are happy with overall service...

"Impressive response times with helpdesk inquiries. Very knowledgeable techs to assist with all kinds of IT issues."

Jesse L. | Manufacturing
A reliable partner...

"As a firm dependent on the latest technology, a knowledgeable and responsive IT team is critical. Techmedics has proven to be a reliable partner, consistently providing timely customer service with patience and adaptability."

Chandra J. | Architecture

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