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From strategizing to solution implementation, our team can help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your IT infrastructure. Get expert consulting services from our certified and experienced IT engineers.

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Let Us Help You Navigate The Complex World of Technology With IT Consulting Services

Project Management

Do you feel overwhelmed with project deliverables and deadlines? Let us help you with additional resources and technical expertise to execute and complete your projects on time.

Infrastructure Design

When making changes to your infrastructure, whether simple or complex, you need specific skillsets. That can include a wide range of expertise. From firewalls, to servers, to connecting different offices, we can help provide engineers with specific skillsets.

Assessment & Compliance

Make sure your organization meets industry standards and best practices. First, we’ll assess your current setup, then we can make recommendations to help you meet requirements.


Looking to move to the cloud or upgrading your Exchange server? Our engineers are experienced in migrations and know how to combat the challenges that may lie ahead to help you get it done.

Planning & Budgeting

Showing POV or POC to management is an absolute requirement for getting a budget in place or approved for a project. Our procurement team and manufacturing partners can provide everything you need for the stakeholders.

Virtual CTO (vCTO)

When you need a Virtual CTO to advise or guide your organization to the best technology solutions that maximizes efficiency. We will aim to align your organization’s IT strategy with its overall objectives.



"James and the Techmedics team are amazing. They set up our network with 150 cable drops and 10 WiFi access points for our new business. Our intricate network is up and running smoothly and we could not be more impressed. Their customer service is fantastic! I highly recommend them!"

"The IT support industry can be challenging with long hours, critical thinking, and working around the clock. Having Techmedics as our MSP makes a huge difference in our everyday ability to have great outcomes for complex problems using their advanced level of skills and knowledge."

Carin O.
Mirko M.

"Techmedics keeps us up to date with technology, and we are leagues ahead of our competition. We like to maintain that edge, and with James and his staff we are very able to do just that. Response time is fantastic, and the entire crew is knowledgeable and always attentive. "

"I’ve used Techmedics for years at my facility. Their customer service is second. Their staff is courteous and professional but what I like most about them is their transparency at the work site. They’re able to resolve whatever issues I may be having cleanly and quickly without getting in my staff’s way."

David C.
John L.

"We are happy with overall service. Impressive response times with helpdesk inquiries. Very knowledgeable techs to assist with all kinds of IT issues."

"As a firm dependent on the latest technology, a knowledgeable and responsive IT team is critical. Techmedics has proven to be a reliable partner consistently providing timely customer service with patience and adaptability."

Jessie L.
Chandra J.
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