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Are you tired of IT that doesn't work for your Dallas-based business? Experience the benefits of managed IT services with Techmedics. Leverage our team of local and experienced IT engineers for everything from day-to-day desktop support and proactive maintenance, to cybersecurity services.

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IT Support in Dallas

Reliable IT support can help your organization with day-to-day and long-term strategic planning. Get a team of experts that specialize in IT support for business technology solutions.

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Managed IT Services - IT Support for Dallas Businesses

As a managed IT services provider offering IT support to Dallas businesses, Techmedics combines monitoring, troubleshooting, planning, and implementing new technologies to ensure business continuity. A proactive approach in managing IT assets has helped organizations from diverse industries reduce downtime and achieve their desired results.

For over 25 years, Techmedics has been a reliable partner for small businesses, mid-sized companies, and large enterprises looking to outsource a portion of their IT department. Our team can support your business so that your IT infrastructure can handle various business challenges.

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Here's what our clients say

Having Techmedics as our MSP makes a huge difference...

"The IT support industry can be challenging with long hours, critical thinking, and working around the clock. Having Techmedics as our MSP makes a huge difference in our everyday ability to have great outcomes for complex problems using their advanced level of skills and knowledge."

Mirko M. | Manufacturing & Distribution
There service is high-quality, responsive, timely and expert.

Techmedics has provided CourtCall with high-level network engineering and Windows server support for the last six years. Their service is high-quality, responsive, timely and expert. Highly recommended as a Managed Service Provider.

David P. | Telecommunications

Techmedics keeps us up-to-date with technology...

"Techmedics keeps us up to date with technology, and we are leagues ahead of our competition. We like to maintain that edge, and with James and his staff we are very able to do just that. Response time is fantastic, and the entire crew is knowledgeable and always attentive. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. They are stellar."

David C. | Pathology Lab
Their staff is courteous and professional...

"I've used Techmedics at my facility for years. They're able to resolve issues cleanly and quickly without getting in the staff's way."

John L. | Apparel & Distribution

The team is amazing...

"Our intricate network is up and running smoothly and we could not be more impressed. Their customer service is fantastic! I highly recommend them."

Carin O. | Coworking Space
We are happy with overall service...

"Impressive response times with helpdesk inquiries. Very knowledgeable techs to assist with all kinds of IT issues."

Jesse L. | Manufacturing
A reliable partner...

"As a firm dependent on the latest technology, a knowledgeable and responsive IT team is critical. Techmedics has proven to be a reliable partner, consistently providing timely customer service with patience and adaptability."

Chandra J. | Architecture

Maximize Your Business Potential in Dallas With a Local Managed IT Services Provider

There are several benefits of having local IT support resources with a managed service provider (MSP). Here are some benefits of partnering with Techmedics for your Dallas business:

Monitoring & Alerting

We will proactively monitor your network 24/7 x 365 and remotely address potential points of failure before they become critical. Automatic alerts guarantee a rapid response time. Our team takes responsibility for the stability of your network infrastructure and ensures its optimum performance. We use a timely approach to monitor and manage your information technology system. Further, we include services such as firewall monitoring, data backup and server updates to keep your assets secure. In addition, these preventive measures allow us to prevent issues from escalating by creating ready to access solutions.


Across multiple industries, there is mandatory compliance when it comes to data and security. This requirement includes Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and other regulators. We can help you report on compliance and meet those requirements. To ensure your system’s compliance, our team will first assess your current setup. Next, we will prepare a report along with proposals to improve your company’s compliance and report to concerned regulatory bodies. Finally, you’re working with an experienced team that has helped hundreds of businesses adhere to standards across industries.

Virtual CTO (vCTO)

Our team provides a flexible on-demand Virtual Chief Technology Officer for small businesses and midsize enterprises who need technical expertise but cannot commit to a full-time CTO. From our experience, we have found that small and mid-sized enterprises have difficulty gathering exceptionally talented professionals within their current budgets, such as a chief technology officer. This is where our vCTO services come in to help your business succeed. We lend you our technical expertise, so you can have access to expert advice to help you manage your systems and cloud network. We provide you with a dedicated tech expert with whom you can consult to help you develop your IT assets and strategies. Our dedicated vCTO expert will help you achieve your business goals until you can hire your company's technology officer.


Our team provides your business with a single place to report your issues and service requests, providing a systematic approach to managing IT. Efficient troubleshooting is at the core of our helpdesk services, which is why we employ detailed documentation. Each service request you make generates a ticket, creating a historical log of all known issues and helping to prevent the same problems from constantly occurring. In addition, you can access all the historical records generated by our system so you can obtain helpful information to solve recurring issues and prevent further incidents.


Our team maintains open communication lines with our clients. The end goal is to practice transparency and keep organizations and business owners we serve up to date all the time. As a result, you will receive a comprehensive report that is detailed monthly. This report will contain extensive details regarding our managed security services, system upgrades and other aspects of IT services. This reporting strategy helps simplify capacity management, plan for future upgrades, and justify technology investments. In addition, we can also accommodate all your questions and comments about any proposals or systems already in place. Further, we can discuss the next steps for improvement.

Business Technology

Some IT concerns don't involve day-to-day break-fix problems. Our business technology services include e-recycling penetration testing, cybersecurity assessments, and more. This support service boosts your team’s productivity as your staff becomes more familiar with using improved systems and infrastructure. We take the time to analyze your current systems and identify areas for improvement. As we fill the gaps and deploy a suite of custom solutions for your business, we improve your technology management capabilities. These improvements are provided through cloud migration, post-installation support and training, asset management, infrastructure design, inter-office connectivity, infrastructure design, firewall improvement, security improvements and end-user training.

Your Extended Team for Managed IT Services is Dallas

The complexities of information technology are growing; long gone are the days of a "one-man IT expert". It’s simply impossible to be well-versed in all of the technologies it takes to power a business. With Techmedics, you gain direct access to a team of subject matter experts dedicated to your account – each one specializing in a certain subset of technology solutions for your business.

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Pre-Sales Engineer
Procurement it support dallas
Procurement Specialist
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Network Engineer
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Server Admin
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Helpdesk Manager
CTO it support dallas
Chief Technology Officer
cybersecurity it support dallas
Cybersecurity Specialist
project manager it support dallas
Project Manager

Partnering With Businesses In The Following Industries

Small Business
No IT department and need to completely outsource their IT infrastructure.
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Government & Education
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Looking to scale IT costs and decrease operations costs to maximize donations.
Manufacturing & Logistics
Looking to scale IT costs and decrease operations costs to maximize donations.
Entertainment & Media
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Architecture & Design
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Construction & Engineering
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.

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