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Whether you're a small team with a lean budget or a large enterprise with deep pockets, Techmedics provides you with custom IT solutions to reduce downtime, predict operational cost, and ensure business continuity.

Our team specializing in IT support in Dallas Fort Worth provides services such as monitoring, troubleshooting, planning, and other business technology tasks to help our clients keep their organizations up and running.

For over 21 years, Techmedics has established itself as an efficient, results-driven IT outsourcing partner. Our certified engineers are here to take care of all your business' IT needs.

What our clients say about our services:

The team is amazing...

"Our intricate network is up and running smoothly and we could not be more impressed. Their customer service is fantastic! I highly recommend them."

Carin O. | Coworking Space

Having Techmedics as our MSP makes a huge difference...

" our everyday ability to have great outcomes for complex problems using their advanced level of skills and knowledge.

Mirko M. | Manufacturing & Distribution

Techmedics keeps us up-to-date with technology...

"Response time is fantastic, and the entire crew is knowledgeable and always attentive."

David C. | Pathology Lab
Their staff is courteous and professional...

"I've used Techmedics at my facility for years. They're able to resolve issues cleanly and quickly without getting in the staff's way."

John L. | Apparel & Distribution
We are happy with overall service...

"Impressive response times with helpdesk inquiries. Very knowledgeable techs to assist with all kinds of IT issues."

Jesse L. | Manufacturing
A reliable partner...

"Techmedics has proven to be a reliable partner, consistently providing timely customer service with patience and adaptability."

Chandra J. | Architecture

Let Us Help You Operate With As Little Disruption As Possible

Monitoring & Alerting

Leverage our proactive approach to managing your network. Our team for IT support in Fort Worth sets up 24/7 tech monitoring to address potential points of failure. This can be in the form of data backup, firewall monitoring, server updates, and more. Complementing the service is our automatic alert system, put in place to ensure quick response and prevent issues from reaching a critical level. In addition, we work behind the scenes and minimize disruption by remotely deploying these regular checks and alerts.


Efficient troubleshooting is at the heart of our operations. As such, we undertake issue documentation systematically. We generate a ticket for each service request filed. And then, we record the issue alongside its resolution, to serve as a future guide. All known issues are collated in one place: the Helpdesk. Through this feature, you can access historical information logs to prevent the same problems from happening repeatedly.


Meet data and security standards through our managed IT services. First, we assess your current setup. Then, we propose ways to improve compliance reporting. We have helped clients adhere to the guidelines set by various industries, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


Our certified IT professionals maintain transparency throughout your project. Expect monthly reports from your dedicated account manager. This documentation covers capacity management, system upgrade plans, technology investments, and other aspects of our managed IT services. Further, we leave our communication line open to accommodate comments and questions regarding performance or discussions about our next steps.

Virtual CTO (vCTO)

Consulting is in our company DNA. So in addition to lending our technical expertise as an extended IT team, we provide you with boardroom-level decision-making proficiency through our on-demand virtual chief technology officer (vCTO) service. Our goal is to enable startup and mid-level businesses to access exceptional talent within their operational budget. And our dedicated tech executive makes this happen, especially for those who are not yet ready to fully commit. With this option, you can receive clear guidance in keeping your key technologies aligned with bottom-line objectives.

Business Technology

Bolster your team's productivity with a cohesive IT system. Our managed IT services in Fort Worth include generating solutions that fill the gaps in an organization's business technology management. We go beyond day-to-day break-fix problems, looking into the overall design to identify opportunities and issues in security, reliability, and related components. Composing our suite of solutions are cloud migration, cybersecurity assessments, e-recycling, and penetration testing, among others. Let every aspect of your IT contribute to the company's sustainability and scalability with our help. 

A Trusted Provider of Managed IT Services in Fort Worth

Pre-Sales Engineer
Procurement Specialist
Network Engineer
Server Admin
Helpdesk Manager
Chief Technology Officer
Cybersecurity Specialist
Project Manager

The one-person IT department no longer serves the needs of dynamic businesses in the 21st century. Instead, an entire team of subject matter experts should be in charge of your tech infrastructure, minimizing disruptions and maximizing cost savings. 

At Techmedics, we provide an extended IT staff for various requirements. Whether you're a starting business with no IT team or a fully-fledged company with a network of IT professionals, our certified engineers are here to deliver the IT support in Dallas Fort Worth you're looking for.

Here are your partners in running a smooth and streamlined IT system:

Types Of Businesses We Work With

Small Business
No IT department and need to completely outsource their IT infrastructure.
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Government & Education
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Looking to scale IT costs and decrease operations costs to maximize donations.
Manufacturing & Logistics
Looking to scale IT costs and decrease operations costs to maximize donations.
Entertainment & Media
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Architecture & Design
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Construction & Engineering
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
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