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From day-to-day support to long-term strategic planning, our information technology (IT) support team can help manage the technology that powers your business. Leverage our team of certified and experienced engineers where and when you need us most. Whether you are a small business with 10 systems or a distribution warehouse with hundreds of employees, we have a solution that aligns with your unique needs.

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Your Dedicated IT Support Team in Pasadena

To tackle the complexities of IT today, you need an entire team of subject matter experts (SMEs) on your side. If you are understaffed or lack talent in some areas, we can fill the gap. Our engineers, technicians, and managers specialize in various subsets of business technology solutions. We deliver the skills and know-how needed to drive your business forward.

Pre-Sales Engineer
Procurement Specialist
Network Engineer
Server Admin
Helpdesk Manager
Chief Technology Officer
Cybersecurity Specialist
Project Manager

Managed IT Services in Pasadena

Monitoring & Alerting

As an IT support company in Pasadena, we provide technical business solutions that keep your network working effectively and efficiently. We employ a proactive methodology to manage systems, no matter how massive or small. Our 24/7 monitoring service detects whether a failure has occurred or is about to occur, and our automatic alerts will trigger a response within minutes to mitigate the issue. You can count on us to perform server updates, data backup, firewall monitoring, and more remotely or in-person.


Part of our managed IT services in Pasadena is streamlining problem resolution for our clients. We boost your productivity through our systematic approach to issue reporting and service request filing. Reports and requests are created on one platform. Each request generates a ticket, which will be included in the consolidated logs of all known issues. These historical records will then help us address and prevent the same issues from happening repeatedly.


Enlist our technical support team and never miss an item in your data and security compliance reporting. We are well-versed in the rules and standards that apply to different industries. Further, we are equipped to simplify, accelerate, and streamline compliance for your business. Our services cover Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and other regulations. 


Our experts in IT support in Pasadena maintain full transparency in doing business with any firm. We provide comprehensive monthly reporting covering various aspects of our managed IT services. Whether you’re a small business or a multinational enterprise, you will receive a detailed account of your project, including capacity management, system upgrade plans, and technology investments. 

Virtual CTO (vCTO)

Partner with our IT consulting Pasadena company to fill the gap in your C-Suite. We lend our technical expertise to small and mid-sized companies with expanding business technology requirements and limited resources. Through our flexible, on-demand virtual CTO (vCTO) service, you can receive professional advice and guidance on IT infrastructure strategies, cybersecurity, and other critical components of your network. You can also tap our vCTO to obtain clarity in making choices over operations such as supply and equipment procurement and cloud migration.

Business Technology

Our solutions for business technology go beyond day-to-day break-fix problems. We set up a strategy for organizing and coordinating technology management across your organization. This ensures solid monitoring, troubleshooting, planning, and implementation of new technologies – which help you achieve security, business continuity, and scalability. This suite of solutions includes cloud migration, cybersecurity assessments, e-recycling, penetration testing, and more. 

Structured and Strategic IT Support for Multiple Industries

Small Business
No IT department and need to completely outsource their IT infrastructure.
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Government & Education
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Looking to scale IT costs and decrease operations costs to maximize donations.
Manufacturing & Logistics
Looking to scale IT costs and decrease operations costs to maximize donations.
Entertainment & Media
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Architecture & Design
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.
Construction & Engineering
Usually in search of an extra resource for projects or day-to-day.

Business Owners Count On Our IT Support In Pasadena


"James and the Techmedics team are amazing. They set up our network with 150 cable drops and 10 WiFi access points for our new business. Our intricate network is up and running smoothly and we could not be more impressed. Their customer service is fantastic! I highly recommend them!"

"The IT support industry can be challenging with long hours, critical thinking, and working around the clock. Having Techmedics as our MSP makes a huge difference in our everyday ability to have great outcomes for complex problems using their advanced level of skills and knowledge."

Carin O.
Mirko M.

"Techmedics keeps us up to date with technology, and we are leagues ahead of our competition. We like to maintain that edge, and with James and his staff we are very able to do just that. Response time is fantastic, and the entire crew is knowledgeable and always attentive. "

"I’ve used Techmedics for years at my facility. Their customer service is second. Their staff is courteous and professional but what I like most about them is their transparency at the work site. They’re able to resolve whatever issues I may be having cleanly and quickly without getting in my staff’s way."

David C.
John L.

"We are happy with overall service. Impressive response times with helpdesk inquiries. Very knowledgeable techs to assist with all kinds of IT issues."

"As a firm dependent on the latest technology, a knowledgeable and responsive IT team is critical. Techmedics has proven to be a reliable partner consistently providing timely customer service with patience and adaptability."

Jessie L.
Chandra J.
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From issue prevention to resolution, our team of experts is here to ensure your IT system runs smoothly. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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