How Managed IT Services Saves You Money

July 19, 2021

One of the most vital departments in your company is the IT department. This was proven to be true when the pandemic known as COVID-19 hit in early 2020, and businesses rushed to accommodate a work staff that would be remote for the unforeseeable future.  

Now that the panic has mostly settled, and employees are adjusting to “the new normal” it is undeniable that all businesses are experiencing a growing reliance on technology. Every company must now essentially incorporate IT services if they wish to stay ahead in today's remotely connected world.

Unfortunately, staffing challenges are holding many businesses back from experiencing a better foundation for success. But most importantly is the cost associated with a fully staffed IT department, let alone a team of experienced and talented engineers. Many companies cannot afford to throw a huge budget into IT. That is where an MSP steps in.  

When you are faced with IT challenges, reaching out to a Managed IT Services Provider, or MSP, is a great first step. An MSP can help you address challenges with staffing, as well as cost. Here are some ways that an MSP can help you.  

What Does a Managed Service Provider Do?

For those who are not familiar with the term, a managed service provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages a customer's IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model. You can outsource your entire IT department, or certain components, to an MSP. Everything from NOC services, all the way to level 3 support.  

Many companies use an MSP to help with skill shortages or turnover in the IT department. To break it down, there are two service models when it comes to managed services:

Managed IT – When an MSP completely manages your IT department, they oversee everything as it relates to IT. This is usually the case with small businesses.

Co-managed IT – When an MSP is co-managing an IT department, there is usually a higher-level technical resource(s) that work for the company and delegates/works with the MSP to complete goals. This is usually the case with mid-size to large companies.  

The alternate service model is known as “break/fix”, where IT services are performed ad hoc, on an “as needed” basis. Using an MSP is a proactive approach to tasks like remote monitoring and maintenance.  

4 More Benefits of Working with a Managed Service Provider

  1. Access to subject matter experts (SME) that are otherwise hard to find/retain.
  1. Cutting annual spend on infrastructure maintenance and management.  
  1. Free up internal resources to work on important projects/initiatives.  
  1. Save on the cost of software tools used for support and services.

The actual cost of a fully staffed internal IT department can vary widely depending on the complexity and size of your network and organization. Even if your company has a dedicated IT budget, struggles can go beyond cost. Finding talent has proven to be the biggest challenge in the IT industry. According to a Korn Ferry report, by 2030 more than 85 million jobs could go unfilled because there are not enough skilled people to take them.  

When you partner with a Managed Service Provider, or MSP, you will have access to trained engineers and subject matter experts (SME). Much like that clutch player in the last minute of a close game, you can use these SMEs when you need them most.  

Another challenge beyond the search for talented IT professionals is managing a balanced and predictable IT budget. Studies have shown a trend in cost savings for companies that used an MSP to augment their approach to IT services. In a study conducted by CompTia, 46 percent of managed IT service users cut their annual IT costs by 25 percent or more.  

Cutting the annual budget is just the cherry on top when it comes to the list of benefits. More than half of the companies that were surveyed said that using an MSP helped them free up their internal staff to work on revenue-generating projects.  

Lastly, consider the ongoing expenses of SaaS products needed to manage the infrastructure of a larger organization. You can cut some of those costs by using tools that an MSP can provide. Many service providers use industry-specific tools to remotely monitor and manage your end-users. Depending on the service provider, an MSP can offer you access to an arsenal of tools that have been tested and customized for best performance.

Augment Your Team at a Fraction of the Cost

At Techmedics, we have plenty of experience working in a “hybrid” environment alongside internal IT staff, especially in larger organizations. With this strategy you will be able to complete ongoing maintenance, manage issues, and get help on projects as needed. Our team can augment your internal staff rather than completely replace them. Working together offers a balanced approach to modernizing the IT department.

We Are Here For Your Needs

Now you have some ideas to save money for your organization. The next step is to find the right company that you can trust to take care of the services you need. Check out 4 tips for choosing the right managed IT services partner to learn how to find the right MSP.

At Techmedics, we are dedicated to making sure you have the tech support that you need to get you to the next level. Are you ready to start discussing how to cut costs for your IT department? We are ready to help. Check out our services, and make sure to contact us when you are ready. We look forward to helping your company succeed!

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