Techmedics Recognized as a Leading Pioneer in Managed IT Services

February 12, 2024

February 12, 2024 /EINPresswire/ -- Techmedics, a premier B2B managed IT services provider renowned for its expertise in IT infrastructure technologies and cybersecurity, proudly announces its inclusion in CRN's prestigious Managed Services Provider (MSP) 500 list for 2024. The Channel Company, the esteemed entity behind CRN, has distinguished Techmedics in the Pioneer 250 Category, affirming its commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of managed services.

CRN's MSP 500 list is a definitive guide that spotlights the top Managed Service Providers (MSPs) across North America, underscoring their pivotal role in empowering businesses through streamlined IT services and enhanced operational efficiency.

Distinguished into three segments, the MSP 500 list recognizes the pioneering efforts of companies like Techmedics in reshaping the landscape of managed services. Techmedics' recognition in the Pioneer 250 category underscores its specialized focus on delivering tailored managed services primarily to the SMB market, thereby facilitating their growth and digital transformation.

With an unwavering commitment to proactive IT support spanning 25 years, Techmedics stands out for its dedication to leveraging managed services as a strategic tool for driving business success. Unlike conventional tech repair approaches, Techmedics' proactive model ensures its clients receive unparalleled support and guidance, aligning seamlessly with their business objectives.

James Moon, CEO, and Co-founder of Techmedics, expressed his enthusiasm about the recognition, stating, "Winning this award not only commemorates our 25-year journey but also celebrates the trust and confidence our clients and partners have bestowed upon us. As we embark on the next phase of our evolution, we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation and excellence, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age."
Helen Moon, Co-Founder and President of Techmedics, added, "We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support and this award helps showcase that dedication."
Jennifer Follett, VP of US Content and Executive Editor at CRN, highlighted the pivotal role of managed services in driving business growth and resilience, emphasizing the transformative impact of innovative MSPs like Techmedics. She remarked, "Techmedics exemplifies the spirit of innovation and excellence in managed services, enabling businesses to optimize their IT budgets and focus on core strategic initiatives. Their inclusion in the MSP 500 list reaffirms their position as a trailblazer in the industry."

The MSP 500 list, including Techmedics' distinguished accolade, will be prominently featured in the February 2024 issue of CRN and online at

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About Techmedics

Techmedics, a leading provider of Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services, operates with a proactive support model. Renowned for its expertise in serving small and medium-sized businesses and managing infrastructure technologies, Techmedics has been assisting companies across every industry for 25 years. From small businesses to Fortune 100 clients, their comprehensive services optimize and secure technology investments. With offices in Los Angeles, Denver, and Dallas, Techmedics offers flexible IT support plans tailored to businesses of any size and across the USA. 

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