Essential Technology for Today's Coworking Spaces

October 12, 2022

Today’s work environments have undergone an unprecedented evolution over recent years. In office work—the predominant work environment for many years—towered over other working models such as remote, hybrid and coworking, until it was seemingly disrupted overnight due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the global coworking space market is expected to continue to grow from 7.97 billion in 2020 to an astonishing 12.03 billion by 2025 at a 12% CAGR, stemming from this shift in how today’s workforce prefers to work. This global transformation will, without a doubt, change the trajectory of alternative working models, ushering in a new era of coworking.

And while the notion of coworking may seem appealing thanks to the likes of WeWork, emerging data is pointing to the fact that not all coworking spaces are made equal. In fact, today’s coworking preferences suggest that good coffee, snacks, and a beautiful space are no longer a “nice to have” but have become the expectation. Rather today, those who frequent coworking spaces are looking for integrated technologies that enable them to do their work—a shift in preference that will undoubtedly influence the trajectory of tomorrow’s coworking spaces.

When it comes to cowering space amenities, today's patrons are looking for:

  • Modern Conference Room w/ Video Conferencing  
  • Strong, secure and consistent Wi-Fi coverage
  • Automated Check-ins
  • Cloud-connected Printers
  • Tech-integrated Training Rooms
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Keyless Physical Security
  • Contactless Technologies
  • Specialty Rooms (podcast studio, photography studio, etc.)

In the following sections, we’ll explore three of the most influential technologies that coworking patrons and companies that sublet coworking spaces are looking for in their coworking space.

The modern conference rooms

When individuals and organizations embark on their coworking journey, one of the most frequent inquiries is regarding the sophistication of the conference rooms available. Without the proper technology in place, conference rooms can stifle productivity and reduce collaboration negatively impacting moral and overall work satisfaction.  

Technologies such as digital whiteboards, wireless presentations, device-integrated video conferencing software and even VR are all radically transforming how the modern conference room supports work productivity. Not only helping individuals get more done, but helping them do so in a fun, exhilarating and impactful way.  

The automated check-in

Automated check-ins work in several ways; however, the ‘mobile key’ approach is quickly growing to become the most popular form of automated entry. A mobile key works by downloading and configuring an app onto one’s smart phone. This app is designed to communicate with unique software installed on a keyless entry system via Bluetooth low energy or NFC. These two technologies together facilitate a keyless ‘automated’ check-in.  

There are two great benefits to this technology. First, this automated check-in technology can be embedded in an already existing app for your coworking space, providing one additional feature the app provides for patrons. Secondly, this approach is highly secure as the app can require two factor multi factor authentication before opening the door, providing more security than the basic key-based entry.

Strong, secure and consistent WIFI coverage

Strong, secure and consistent WiFi couldn’t be any more important in today’s day and age. We’ve all heard the stories of a hacker gaining access to an individual's sensitive information via an unsecure WiFi connection, especially WiFi in a public setting.  

And while these stories unfortunately persist, individuals and organizations are starting to limit their risk exposure by only connecting to WiFi that is deemed secure, while oftentimes running a private VPN in parallel to enhance their own security posture. In fact, Kaspersky Security Network recently analyzed some 32 million public hotspots and found that 25 percent do not use any encryption at all, meaning that anyone with an antenna can pick up the communications. Another three percent use an old form of encryption that is essentially ineffective.

Our experience creating technology-centric coworking spaces

With over 21 years of experience, we’ve used our rich technology consulting background to help coworking organizations such as CTRL Collective, Venture X, and more to optimize their IT operations. Backed by this experience, we have the technological knowhow, experience and expertise to deploy innovative coworking technologies such as the ones mentioned above.  

Our clients understand the importance of technology in their business, and we've helped them leverage technology to stand apart from the competition.  

What's next?

Ready to learn more? Here at Techmedics, we work shoulder to shoulder with coworking operators and owners to strategically manage and plan their business technologies to use in a way that aligns with their business for success.  

If you’re ready to take the next step towards digital excellence within your coworking space, consider getting in touch with one of our trusted team members.  

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