Disable This One Apple iPhone Setting to Prevent App Tracking

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Are you concerned about the apps that may be tracking you? Apple's App Tracking Transparency feature offers Apple users a simple choice, to allow apps to track their activity or not. If you choose to opt-out, Apple will prevent the app from accessing identifiers that link your device with your activity on an app, usually shared with advertisers to create targeted ads. Apple believes that privacy features like these are a differentiator for its products, compared to other tech giants like Google and Samsung at this time. To get the background story on this privacy feature, ready the original article by clicking below.

How to turn off app tracking

When you download and open a new app, you'll receive a pop-up notification that asks if you want to let the app track your activity across other companies' apps and websites. You can click Ask App Not to Track to block it, or Allow.

You can also opt out of all tracking across every app by going to Settings > Privacy & Security > Tracking and toggling off Allow Apps to Request to Track.

To turn off app tracking on a particular app, you can choose the app under Settings > Privacy & Security > Tracking. Tap the toggle next to the apps you want to stop tracking you.

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