The Future of AI Gadgets is Just Phones

Original article from:
The Verge

In the realm of consumer technology, the pursuit of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into wearable devices has taken an intriguing turn. A recent experiment sought to transform commonplace smartphones into AI-powered wearables, challenging the notion that cutting-edge technology necessitates brand new hardware.

Redefining AI Wearables: The experiment was conducted using readily available smartphones, repurposing them as AI assistants. This approach debunked the idea that specialized gadgets are required for AI functionality. Instead, it highlighted how existing devices, with their robust processors and advanced connectivity, could serve as the foundation for future AI applications.

Practical AI Solutions: The practicality of AI wearables was put to the test in a kitchen scenario, where a smartphone running an AI assistant provided real-time culinary guidance. The AI successfully assisted with recipe steps and ingredient substitutions, showcasing its potential to simplify daily tasks.

The Future of AI Gadgets: The conclusion drawn from this exploration is that smartphones, in conjunction with accessories like earbuds, may well be the AI gadgets of tomorrow. Their widespread use, combined with the convenience they offer, positions them as the likely successors in the AI wearable market.

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